Since we have a Microsoft NT network in the house, each PC has some kind of name.  For some reason the home automation PC is named Hobbes.  Hobbes used to be the answering machine but we don't even use one now so he needed something else to do.  ECS has an answering machine as part of the program but we haven't started using it yet.  ECS uses Microsoft's TTS (Text To Speech) software and one of the voices named within TTS is Mary.  This is the voice we chose to use so Mary lives inside of Hobbes.  For the remainder of this web page we will refer to both the PC and the ECS program as Mary.

Mary has many responsibilities as PCs go.  To start with, we will break them down to several  functional areas.

  1. Controlling every light in the house (security, power savings, convenience).
  2. Opening and closing the garage door (security).
  3. Controlling the Whole House Audio/Video System (convenience).
  4. Irrigation
  5. Heating
  6. Security

Mary also has a relationship with another computer named Cliff.  Cliff manages information that Mary's programming can't handle.